Representing German engineering at its finest, the Volcano Herbal Vaporizer is the ultimate desktop vaporizer. Known as the Volcano to herbal vaporists connoisseurs, this beautiful machine is designed to allow you to fully taste and maximize each fill.  Catch the video below to see the Volcano Herbal Vaporizer and learn about the variations available to you.

The Volcano is available in 2 variations: Analog & Digital.
Once selected, then you need to determine which valve system you prefer: Solid Valve or Easy Valve.

The Solid Valve system allows for customizable balloon sizing; large or small, it’s your preference! Simply cut balloon material to your desired length and attach. When you’ve used up your balloons, purchase a new 10 foot roll of Solid Valve Balloon Material.

The Easy Valve system utilizes fixed balloon sizes (2ft. or XL 3ft). It has fewer pieces than the Solid Valve, and like its name, it’s easier to use! Each balloon comes with a pre-assembled mouthpiece and is simple to replace. When you’ve used up your balloons, purchase an Easy Valve Replacement Set with 6 new Easy Valve balloons.

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