The G Slim Wax Vape Pen by Grenco Science is by far the best valued ‘Compact’ wax vape pen available. The cost is less than $20 (coupon below) which is amazing considering it is a well known Big Name Brand! This portable pen is literally the same size as a ball point pen. There are 4 variations of the G Slim Wax Vape Pen, which means, there are variations which are compatible with Dry Herbs, Thick Wax Concentrates, and Liquids (E-Juice).

G-Slim Wax Vape Pen (Herbal) – For Dry Herb
G-Slim Wax Vape Pen (Concentrates) – For wax concentrates
G-Slim Wax Vape Pen (Liquid) – For thin liquids and oils. If your concentrate is too thick, use GSO’s Dabquid.
Snoop Dogg G-Slim Wax Vape Pen (Herbal) – Snoop Dogg’s classy design built for herbal blends.

The video below gives you an up close look at the G Slim Wax Vape Pen:

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