The first long term vaping study has finally been published and it shows what we vapists already knew, Vaping is a much healthier choice over cigarettes. We in the vaping community have known this for years, but there has not been any scientific data to back this. If you compare the ingredients alone, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to pick the ‘SAFER’ option. Did you know that cigarettes can have up to 599 ingredients in a single cigarette? E-liquid used to vape typically has 4 ingredients!

CRO141103 Tobacco Vs Eliquid 2

The study was funded by Cancer Research UK, and is the first long term study published about the human effects of vaping. The study looked at five groups: combustible cigarette users, former smokers who now smoke e-cigs, former smokers on nicotine replacement therapy (NRT), and current smokers who also smoke e-cigs or also use NRT.

The study concluded that e-cigarette-only and NRT-only users had significantly lower levels of carcinogens than combustible cigarette-only, smokers of both cigarettes and e-cigs, and smokers of cigarettes who are also NRT users. After analyzing the urine and saliva of 181 participants, researchers found that levels of NNAL, a chemical linked to cancer, was 97.5 percent lower in ex-smokers who vape compared to continuous smokers.

While this is only the First long term vaping study to appear, we vapists remain hopeful that in the coming years industry regulations will adapt to these new studies showing the effects of vaping. If you are in need of vape supplies, electronic cigarettes or e-liquids, is your one stop online vape answer.