The Firefly 2 Portable Vaporizer has been called the ‘iPhone of Vaporizers’ and is clearly the most technologically advanced herbal vaporizer to hit the market. Don’t worry though, the Firefly 2 is simple to use and freakishly intuitive.  The Firefly’s completely unique dynamic convection technology only heats your material as you inhale which allows you to experience all the active ingredients the very moment they are released.

The Firefly 2 specs which make this herbal vaporizer stand out:

  • Heats INCREDIBLY fast (5 seconds)
  • There is an APP you can download to customize the temperature settings
  • Compatible with dry herbs and concentrates
  • 2 Year Manufacturer Warranty Included

Check the video below to see the Firefly 2 Portable Vaporizer in action:

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