Dabquid eLiquid Solution Converts Wax to Liquid

Easy, Discreet Vaping! Have you ever wondered if it was possible to put wax concentrates in an e-cig? The answer is YES, if you use the right liquid formula. Dabquid permanently changes the consistency of sticky wax and breaks it down to a liquid form.

Dabquid eliquid solution can be used in Electronic Cigarettes!

The ingredients are all food-grade products, including propylene glycol, a substance found in many of the foods we eat every day. Dabquid is produced and bottled in the USA.

These are a few reasons vaporites love Dabquid:

  • It is virtually odorless
  • You can dilute the potency wax concentrates
  • You can add flavors to get ‘flavorful’ liquid dabs
  • Bridges the gap for liquid marijuana
  • Discreet vaping
  • You can use it in Electronic Cigarettes
  • Less messy than sticky wax
  • Dabquid converts wax into a permanent liquid

The instructions for use are included in the packaging, as well as on the GSO product description page for the Dabquid eLiquid Solution.

GSO’s original version, titled EJmix, has since been retired with the release of their new and improved version: Dabquid.

*Discontinue Immediately if you experience any allergic reactions*
**Does not contain tetrahydrocannabinols**