Choosing the Right Cannabis Oil for Your Vape Pen

If you’ve bought a vape pen specifically for use with cannabis oil, then congratulations are in order. You’re on the leading edge of modern trends. Oils and other concentrates have become enormously popular, and like electronic cigarettes, pen vaporizers for use with cannabis are available. Of course, given the very wide range of oils and other substances available today, it can be more than a little confusing to figure out what you should be vaping.

A Word of Caution

Before we go much further, there should be an understanding. While many different types of cannabis oil can be vaped, they’re not all fit for your vape pen or other style of vaporizer. In fact, you may experience some of the same complications as nicotine e-juice vapers do, which can include gummed up tanks, burned out coils, leaks and more. So choosing the right cannabis oil for Your Vape Pen is crucial.

The More Liquid, The Better

You’ll find that cannabis concentrates run the gamut from sticky and drier to wet and runny. They’re technically divided into shatters and waxes, although there are quite a few subdivisions within those categories. However, the more liquid-like your concentrate is, the better it will perform in your vaporizer. Why is this?

Your vaporizer, whether you have a pen style or a mod, works sort of like an old school oil lamp. There’s at least one wick (possibly two or more, really), that’s responsible for delivering the concentrate to the coil. If the concentrate is thick or drier, then it won’t run up the wick very well. Pushing the button when the wick is dry will lead to a burned taste, and can burn your coil out very quickly.

The reason that shatter is often preferred over some types of waxes is that it melts more easily, giving you more a more liquid like concentrate that will work better with your wick. You might hear this termed as solvent-concentrate, which is really just a nod to the way in which the concentrate is extracted. Most vape retailers worth your time should warn you never to use non-solvent concentrate in your vaporizer.

Another option on the market is cannabis oil that has been mixed with glycerin (a very commonly used ingredient in e-juice, as well as in many food products). Glycerin is sweet, and is used to make cannabis concentrates less sticky and more liquid. It will affect the THC levels in your vape, though, so make sure you know what your particular blend is rated. With that being said, glycerin is safe and nontoxic, and it can be a very convenient addition, allowing you to avoid the prospect of your concentrate getting thicker and stickier through use or exposure to excess humidity. actually has its own brand of glycerin called, ‘Dabquid’ which turns wax concentrate into a liquid you can vape.

A Word on Dry Herb Vaping

While cannabis oils and other concentrates have become very, very popular, there are still vaporizers available that are designed to let you vape dry herb (cannabis flowers). They’re not interchangeable with oils and waxes, though, so don’t try to mix your substances.

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