710 day is right around the corner. Wouldn’t it be nice to celebrate the new marijuana industry holiday with the right cannabis vaporizer? There are plenty of different makes and models on the market, almost as many as are designed to work with nicotine-based e-juice. Of course, you need to know what to look for in a vaporizer. We want you to be prepared to celebrate 710 day. Let’s take a look at some of the more important “must haves”.

Does Portability Matter?

One of the first things you’ll need to consider is whether you want to take your vaporizer with you, or if you’d prefer one designed for tabletop use. Both options exist, although Volcano-style tabletop models are becoming rarer as more people start taking their units with them. Portable vaporizers are battery-powered, and they can range from svelte pen style units to larger box mods.

Conduction or Convection?

The conduction versus convection argument is big in the discussion about vaporizers versus dabbing, but you’ll also need to be aware of this when buying a vaporizer. While most units use convection (in which hot air heats the cannabis), there are some conduction units on the market. Both work, make no mistake. The primary concern here is that conduction units heat the cannabis, oil or concentrate directly, which can lead to charred plant matter, as well as the creation of additional toxic gasses (think benzene). That’s not an issue with convection units.

Do You Need a Pen?

Pen-style vaporizers are very popular today, and they let you enjoy a wide range of waxes, oils and concentrates. They’re super portable, and fit easily into a pocket or purse, and they’re also some of the most affordable options out there. Of course, there are also larger portable units. These are designed primarily for use with dried plant material rather than waxes, oils or the like. They do fit in your pocket, but they’re definitely bulkier than pen vaporizers. With that being said, they offer a greater degree of control over all aspects of your vaping experience, including the heat level, which is important for both enjoyment and health. Celebrate 710 Day in style.

Material of Choice

Finally, you need to consider your preferred type of material for vaping. For example, if you want to both vape and enjoy a rolled smoke from time to time, then the best option is going to be a vaporizer capable of using cannabis flowers, not just concentrate. However, if you have no love for the actual act of smoking, you might prefer a unit that only works with wax or oil. You’ll also need to consider money here, as concentrate cartridges cost about $40 per 150 pulls, while units capable of using flowers work on the conventional “bowl” system (you’ll know how many bowls you go through, and can estimate your vaping costs based on that).

Buying a new vaporizer isn’t rocket science, but there are quite a few things you’ll need to consider before you make that purchase.

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Be safe and remember to Celebrate 710 Day!