Alternative smoking methods are all the rage today. Cigarette smokers can vape e-juice through a pen vaporizer or mod. Even cannabis smokers have options here. However, the rise of electronics and alternatives to rolling papers and water pipes has also created a host of somewhat confusing terminology. If you want to feel at home here, you’ll need to know what some of these terms actually mean, especially regarding Cannabis Vaping Terminology.

Cannabis Vaping Terminology 101: The Terms You Should Know

Absolute: This means that a concentrate is pure. All the waxes and fats have been removed from it.

Bell: A type of attachment used for smoking concentrates in conjunction with a water pipe.

Concentrate: One of several types of cannabis product that has been condensed down to its essence. There are oils and waxes available. Waxes are created using solvents (such as butane), and result in products ranging from CBD, which creates no “high”, to those that contain up to 80% THC. Oils are similar, but they are vaped in a very similar way to nicotine e-juices.

Dabs: This refers to a cannabis concentrate created through chemical extraction, often butane. It is very pure, but can be dangerous to manufacture without controlled conditions. It is generally available through dispensaries, though.

Dabber: The term used to describe the pipe used to inhale vaporized cannabis when dabbing. Some people also call this a wand. It can be made of glass or metal.

Dabbing: Using high heat methods and a plate (called a nail) to vaporize cannabis concentrate.

E-Pen: More often called “pens” or “vape pens”, these are slim, portable vaporizers used for enjoying cannabis. They’re very similar to the pen style vaporizers used for tobacco e-juice.

Nail: Also called a plate or a hot plate, nails are used for convection heating of cannabis “dabs” during the dabbing process.

Oil Rig: This is a specially designed pipe system used with concentrates and particularly in the realm of dabbing.

Shatter: A type of oil that is known for shattering when being scraped up.

Vaporizer: This can apply to a wide range of devices used for enjoying cannabis. There are small pen and mod style vaporizers that work specifically with concentrates, as well as those designed to work with cannabis flowers similar to bongs.

Whipping: The process of whipping a concentrate to aerate it. This makes it “fluffier” and more akin to whipped cream or meringue in appearance than to oil.

Before You Vape

Before you decide that vaping is the right option for your needs, it’s important to check out the many makes and models on the market. This is particularly true if you want the advantages offered by battery powered devices, such as greater portability, better discretion and no need for fuel. However, if you prefer using live fire methods, there are butane torch systems on the market that work very well, albeit without the same portability offered by vape pens and mods. Work with a reputable supplier for your vaping needs, as well as for your concentrates.

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