What do cannabis oils and concentrates have in common with the month of July? If you said 710 dab day, you’re right! It’s a day more and more people are recognizing as THE time to celebrate the wonderful world of dabs. The newest cannabis-related holiday is fast approaching and you need to know how to enjoy it in style.

How Did It Start?

As popularity among vapists choosing wax and oil concentrates has increased, many have said there should be a day to celebrate in toker fashion just like 420 day. Even the date seems to be foreordained for this purpose – flip 710 over and you have OIL. And, while you’ll need a vaporizer to enjoy them, it’s never been a better time to explore your options in nontraditional cannabis. So, what are you waiting for?

Cannabis Oils and Concentrates

710 day is all about oils and concentrates. You might also hear it called Dab Day. Concentrates come in a number of different forms, from actual oils to waxes and “shatters”. Other forms include crumble, solvent hash, honeycomb and budder.

Why dabs, though? What’s wrong with good old cannabis flowers? There’s nothing wrong with firing up old school, but there’s a lot to be gained from concentrates. For instance, this is how CBD is made, and while it won’t give anyone a buzz, the health benefits offered for serious medical conditions are more than impressive.

There’s also the fact that dabs, whether you’re talking tinctures or oils or waxes, help to concentrate the THC in other formulations (non-CBD mixes). Purer, higher-octane concentrates allow you to vape less at one time to reach the point where you want to be.

Of course, dabs can be hazardous to make. This is primarily due to the need to use butane in the process (although CO2 can also be used). Most dab users prefer to get theirs from an actual dispensary, since there’s a chance of fire and explosion during the processing stage that makes homemade dabs more than a little dangerous.

How Will You Celebrate 710 Day This Year?

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